Angelina Jolie Pussy Story: "Story Of Angelina Jolie"

This story is complete fiction, and unauthorized by the actress. It
is purely a product of my imagination. And in no way is intended to
reflect on the actual conduct, morals, activities, thoughts or deeds
of that person there of.
This is a disclaimer.

story of Angelina Jolie.

Angelina was born Angelina Jolie Voight on June 4, 1975 in Los
Angelis, Ca.
Angelina is the daughter of acadamy award winner Jon Voight.
Angelina has an older brother James Haven 27.

Ever since the rumour started back before and during the oscars,
Angelina and her brother James has been caught smooching and
cuddling, almost like they’re lovers?

Well Angelina has denied there’s anything incestues is going on with
her brother, she said they’re just close that’s all!

Angelina knows she can’t really deny she’s been in love with her
brother James ever since they experience incest the first time,
about 10 years ago!

Angelina and James had their first incestues sex when they were
teena Continue reading

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Angelina Jolie Pussy Story: "Journal Of An Agent – Chapter 20: Angelina Jolie"

Journal of an Agent: Chap. 20 – Angelina Jolie

By Carnage Jackson

[email protected]

Standard Disclaimer:

You must be 18 to read this story, be able to read erotica in your community, not be offended by the contents of it…blah blah, you know the rest.

This story may be distributed freely, for commercial or non-commercial use, but PLEASE leave my email/name on it! That’s all I ask!

This is Part 19 of an ongoing series. Yes I know the celebs don’t act like this in real life, but this is a fantasy after all.

I sat across from Angelina Jolie in my office. Angelina was wearing a white “wife beater” t-shirt and a pair of tattered blue jeans as she stared at me with a sort of dissident gaze, absentmindedly flicking the ash from her cigarette onto the carpet of my just-cleaned carpets. I didn’t want to bring up the issue of not being able to smoke in an office building in California, I had bigger fish to fry.

I rested my head on my hand as I sat in my chair across from her in my wooden desk. We had been sitting like this for about five minutes, ever since she had walked in, sat down and looked at me. She looked like a spoiled child, her over-puffed lips stuck almost in a permanent pout. With a sigh, I decided to break the ice.

“You know why you are here Angelina, because of the request of the United Nations,” I said to her. Angelina just nodded – though she had been my client for the past three months (she had come to Continue reading

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Unusual position for having sex – Angelina Jolie is always ready!

Naked Angelina Jolie

Another sexy starlet from Angelina Jolie tv-show sports an awesome pair of tits to expose to us and she can never reject anyone with a hard cock… Here is an episode of wildest dissollute Angelina Jolie XXX that are drilling a young toon maiden one in the pink… characters get back and with whole new pics of sex images and that will get your prick.

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Looks like Angelina Jolie found anal sex much more exciting than she thought at first…

Angelina Jolie Nude

Indecent Angelina Jolie frames are at stock for you to enjoy!. Slutty girls from series and are waiting for it ready for non-stop fucking action, willing to give blowjobs… The best part for sex-sareed hotties of Angelina Jolie porn toon is to be involved into wild orgies with well-hung fellas and give their cum slits to be totally destroyed by the biggest boners!…

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Angelina Jolie Pussy Story: "Sex For Drugs – Part 6: Angelina Jolie"

Celeb: Angelina Jolie, Elisha Cuthbert
Codes: MF, MMF, Cons, oral, anal, DP, feet fetish
Author: Kash The Priest
Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18 & the story is a work of fiction and is no way a representation of any of the celebs mentioned.

Author’s note: I know it’s been a while since my last story, but I hope you enjoy this one. I started writting this story before the fourth season of ‘The OC’ started so there’s info that seems outdated, as far as ‘The OC’ goes anyway. This is basically two stories rolled into one. It starts off with an intro with Elisha Cuthbert. For Jolie fans not giving a crap about the series & just want a Jolie fuck story, scroll down to the stars.

Sex for drugs part 6 – Angelina Jolie

After a long, relaxing weekend in Hawaii I was on a first class flight back to L.A. As much as I liked Hawaii and finally getting to the promised land with Mariah Carey, I missed L.A. Being the king pin and the top dog. The plane was approaching it’s one and only lay over. I was asleep for most of the flight and wasn’t even sure where the hell I was. I decided to stay on the plane while the geeky guy beside me decided to get off with most of the other people. After about ten minutes I could hear some voices approaching, two, maybe three women.

“So what are you gonna do now that you’re not on ‘The OC’ anymore?” One of them asked the other.

“Well… if my agents are successful at negotiating a contract, then I migh Continue reading

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Angelina Jolie Porn Story: "World Class Legs Featuring The Legman (with Angelina and Jennifer)"

Story title: World Class Legs, featuring the Legman

Celebrities in story: Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie.

Author: sharkboy

Codes: MC, MM, FF

This story is a work of fiction and is not true in any sense. I have no idea of the life styles of Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie are. Anyone under eightteen years of age or anyone easily offended by adult stories should stop reading now. Anyone with any suggestions for who The Legman should take next send them to [email protected]

Featuring The Legman

By sharkboy

Jennifer Aniston sits outside in downtown Chicago, in a leather top and a really short black skirt with black stockings on. She smiles, as she looks up from her newspaper and some young boys look at her body.

Today is a day that Jennifer intends on sitting outside in something short and let the men look at her legs. She looks up from her news paper, and she smiles as a not bad looking man looks at her body from the bench across from her.

She uncrosses her legs, and then she crosses them really slowly. Jennifer then looks up, and she smiles at the look on his face. Poor Jennifer forgot to put on underwear today. Oops!

“Excuse me ma’am.” Jennifer smiles, as the man stands before her. She lowers the paper and she looks up at him. “Are you aware you don’t have any underwear on?”

Jennifer looks up to the man funny, and she cocks her head some. “Did you just admit you looked Continue reading

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Angelina Jolie is in position – come and take it if you dare!

Angelina Jolie Sex

Angelina Jolie fellas start doing it again with new series of dirty porn cartoon that never tire of their sexy pranks and for their scorching hot and indecent dreams… Those Angelina Jolie porn pieces crave for some hot sex – they gets screwed in all possible places take sizey thick cocks into 😉 alley cats but love to go hardcore with one another and to bring the best drawn sex that you can imagine!!

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As you can see here Angelina likes being rough fucked from behind

Angelina Jolie Nude

We are anxious to push something sizey deep inside this curvy Angelina Jolie babe with a gorgeous bum and a wet pussy… Gabbing and licking is how every Angelina Jolie sex pastimes to begin, but but the continuation can never be foretold! 😉 Another young hottie from tv-show got those perfect big boobs to bring to our view…

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What? Never seen Angelina Jolie taking a bath?

Angelina Jolie Having Sex

Internationally recognized Angelina Jolie heroes are back once again with their new naughty ways in this blog fuck report. Crazy girl from Angelina Jolie porn series is ready for the hardest fucking task of her whole life 😉 babes but love getting naughty and to present the best fuck session that you can imagine! 😉

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Naked boobs and sperm all over face – Angelina Jolie is hot and naughty as always!

Gia Angelina Jolie Shower

Angelina Jolie heroes simply cannot quit with a new episode of this hot fuck toon that never tire of their sexy pranks and for their sexual desires. Cock-craving hookers of toon and willing to do everything that it takes to get all of your juices going! Hot love-juice-soaking piece of calico displays the truly unique abilities in Angelina Jolie porn assriding on his cosmic high-standing penis to start with and then getting pumped by this thick tool in mission…

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